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Soonest Express Co. was founded in 1984 provided customs brokerage and limited airfreight services in Taiwan. As the business grew and the demand increased, the company started the international airfreight service in 1989 and partnered with overseas agents to extend the operations coverage.


With the success of the early operation, the company expanded the Asian market and established the first subsidiary in Hong Kong in 1991 to compete in the worldwide logistics industry. As the company has been growing rapidly since the international expansion, the management decided to scale up and to bring the professional team to the United States.


In 1997, Soonest Express Inc. stretched out to the North American market and settled the headquarters in San Francisco. Conducted and operated by an ambitious leadership and passionate staff, the company continued to grow and opened Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York office five years after the expansion.


Now, Soonest Express stands on a solid reputation and strong international network building on the innovative and excellent logistics solutions. In the future, Soonest Express will continue to improve and deliver services to all corners of the world.



In the past 35 years, Soonest Express has broadened its market spectrum and developed strategies to excel in the industry. We want to sustain our business and maximize the benefits of whom we work with. ​


Our major missions are to meet customers' needs and to withstand the changes in the modern world. We all know the world transforms and new businesses emerge fast, reshaping the shopping behavior and the way we live. We also believe that our experience and innovation help us keep up with the evolving environment and resolve the challenges.


To achieve our goals, we will advance our shipping services by innovating technologic tools and empowering our employees with knowledge and professional training. We also welcome businesses of all sizes to partner with us to explore more opportunities and help your business grow.

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