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Shipping Process

Contact us for quotes and services

Provide your shipping details such as pick-up and recipient address, estimated delivery date, package dimensions and weight, and nature of the good. If you need our help, please click contact us or find a location close to you.

Prepare your documents

Once you confirmed the quote and service with our agent, fill out the "Personal Effect Packing List" form and send it to us. We will process your booking and provide you with a booking number. Please put this number on all your packages. ​


Our standard service is to transit from our warehouse to the recipient warehouse. If you need a to-door delivery, please provide your full address, zip code, package weight, and volume for a quote.


For international shipping, you may use your broker or the broker we suggest.

EIN# : (You need to apply EIN# if your shipment is over USD$2500, use this link to see how to process.)

Pack your items

We place all the packages on pallets to ship, and the pallet is approximate to 40" x 48" x 5", 1 CBM is about 40" x 48" x 32". We accept all kinds of packaging, you may pack your items in carton boxes, plastic containers, or suitcases. Please make sure you pack properly and choose a durable packaging to avoid damage in transit.

Schedule a shipping

You can bring your package to our warehouse or send it to us. Once we receive your package, we will process your shipping within five workdays.

Make a payment

We will load your package after received the payment from you. You can pay by cash or send us a personal check.

Receive your bill of Lading

Once your package departed from the US, we will send you a bill of lading. The bill will have information on your shipping and contact details of our oversea agent. You can contact our agent to track the shipping or to check the customs clearance status.

Confirm delivery

Make sure you receive your package or contact us for assistance.

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