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Value-added services



  • Consolidate multiple unites, SKU, or packages to reduce shipping costs.


  • Provide return label when the product needed to be returned to the vendor

  • Additional label for product or SKU code


  • Product insurance for warehouse storage

  • Cargo insurance for logistics transportation



  • Get image of item or SKU upon arrival at warehouse.

  • Photo of products, size, full view, packing list, close-up shop, and etc.


  • Outer packing service for cargo transport

  • Packaging service for loose products

  • Additional dunnage for fragile products

E-Fulfillment Work Flows


Inform Soonest Express of your online orders.


Deliver your orders to our warehouse. 

You may also store your merchandise in our warehouse (storage fee applied), we will process the shipping as soon as we received the order.


Submit your shipping request to us electronically or manually.


Soonest Express picks, packs, and ships your package under your instructions.

Pick, pack, and ship

Soonest Express delivers your parcel to an overseas address you assigned.

Why Soonest Express?
  • We provide customized and cost-effective fulfillment management programs.

  • We efficiently scan and stock merchandise.

  • We offer reliable and affordable fulfillment options.

  • We link the GLS WMS system to manage you online orders and inventory.

GLS WMS system
  • Accurately manages your inventory and checks your inventory level to avoid overstock or understock problems.

  • Efficiently processes your orders, shipping, and returns.

  • Effectively minimizes labor costs and reduces time in human work.

― A tool that optimizes your inventory management and improves your online business.

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