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Job Tittle:  Sr. Auditor

August 19, 2022

Job Duties: Formulate annual audit plans based on the results of risk assessment; determine the financial and operational activities in assigned departments or functional areas to be audited in established timeline; Inspect accounting journals and relevant materials for efficiency, effectiveness, and use of General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to record transactions; Examine and evaluate operational and accounting information systems to ensure system reliability and integrity for the company's freight forwarding and e-commerce logistic business; Analyze company records/data, interview company employees to detect any deficient control, duplicated effort, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies using variance analysis, substantive procedures, and walk-through tests; Prepare audit reports in a timely manner using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Report to the managements regarding the audit findings and recommendations for improvements in the financial and operational activities; Audit work duties performed by other departments to ensure proper recording of any finding and compliance with the company’s internal control procedures; Observe and monitor company job flows; collect internal control check lists provided by employees in each assigned department to assess the company operational performances; Reevaluate progressively the adequacy and application of the company’s internal control procedures; Modify, if required, the current internal control procedures based on the Parent Company’s instructions or any adjustments of the governmental laws and regulations; Follow up any correction or recommendation advised from previous (internal/external) audits; Determine whether the organization's objectives are reflected in its operational functions and management activities and whether employees understand the objectives.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have Master’s degree and 2 years of experience. 


Work location:

Grapevine, TX. 


Reply to: 

Soonest Express Inc., Attn: Kang Y Sun, Mail resume w/ Job ID SADT22 to Soonest Express Inc. @ 228 East Harris Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080.  No walk-ins.  No phone calls.

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