Job Title: Logistics Analyst II

August 4, 2020

Job Duties: 
Provide ongoing analyses in areas such as availability, sustainability, reliability and strategic sourcing of all logistics services provided by company using MS Excel, SQL Server and Tableau to identify issues and develop plans to remove performance gap, in areas of the timely and accurate status updates, freight margin, reducing delay and enhancing the overall efficiency of import, distribution, and 3PL services; Plan, organize, and execute logistics support activities such as import, distribution, maintenance planning and recommendations, and execution of contingency plans for unexpected interruptions in the logistics operation for company’s freight forwarding business; Develop and implement technical project management tools such as plans, schedules, responsibility and compliance matrices, cost estimating or demand forecasting using Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Avercast software; Provide guidance for team activities (Ocean Import/Air Import/Domestic Trucking), establishing task priorities, scheduling and tracking working assignments, and ensure availability of resources from Vendor and Carrier side; Communicate daily with delivery, warehouse and sales team to coordinate resources, manpower and equipment to optimize service levels, maintain efficiency, and minimize cost. Process on-going evaluation for 30+ Carriers in order to optimize Trucking/Rail/Air/Ocean logistics performance, while balancing cross-functional impact to areas outside of Manufacturing; Develop and track KPI (key performance indicator) metrics to include score cards, perfect order, & forecast accuracy. Review and analyze logistics performance with customers against targets, benchmarks and service agreements to see if performance (e.g., the occurrence of detention, demurrage, per diem, etc.), profitability, customer satisfaction, and working capital targets meet given KPI, and identify the gap if not; Collect and analyze logistics data information such as shipping data, warehouse inventory, freight rates etc.  and maintain databases of logistics information using Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) MS Excel, MS Power BI or Tableau and sales and service dashboard;  Analyze logistics data and report project plans, progress and results monthly, quarterly to management; Continuously track in-transit shipment status and monitor issues including delays and demurrage to improve logistics process; Stay informed of technology advances and investigate whether appropriate current technology tools or applications can make logistics processes more efficient and cost-effective  

Job Requirements:
Must have Master’s degree and 6 months of experience.  

Work location:
Grapevine, Texas. 

Reply to: Reply to Soonest Express Inc., Attn: Kang Y Sun, Mail resume w/ Job ID LAII20 to Soonest Express Inc. @ 228 East Harris Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080.  No walk-ins.  No phone calls.

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